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Tax on non-residential surfaces

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My buildings

You can submit requests for changes to your building throughout the year. However, only the situation on 1 January of the year counts for the calculation of this tax.

Add a new building

If you have not received a declaration before 31 October of the current year, you must declare your new building before 31 December.

Change of owner

Have you sold a building and no longer own it?

Apply for an exemption

There is an exemption from the tax on non-residential surfaces for buildings used for religious, sporting, cultural, health care or social purposes, as well as for buildings used for education, for buildings where plenary sessions are held on a regular basis, or for buildings used for collective accommodation or childcare.
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Payment facilities

Instalment payments and deadline

You can apply for a payment in instalments or an additional payment period. Please note: to apply for a payment facility, you have until the payment deadline.
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Other requests

If you have not found what you were looking for you can browse our general information.

General information

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Appeal for a tax bill

You think our data is inaccurate and you want to have it corrected.

Observations on an estimated assessment or rectification

Do you think that the information in the notification of estimated assessment or rectification is incorrect? You can submit your observations in writing within 31 days of the seventh day after the notification was sent.